I have always believed that the best gift we have to offer the world is our best self.  We can only be our best selves when we honor our boundaries, our needs, and our connections with others in our lives.  I believe in the concepts of continued learning, searching, and discovery.  These personal values inform my work and my lifestyle.    I believe in the integrated self, attending to the mind, the body, and the ways we experience ourselves in relationship.  Further, I am convinced that some of the most important influences on our lives and behaviors are those we may be unconscious of.  Bringing patterns and beliefs into consciousness is powerful work that is co-created by the client and the therapist.

In my work, I have found that the more compassion we can feel for ourselves, the more open we are to the love of others.  I absolutely believe that health, fullness, and growth are always possible.

I have also been committed to providing support and supervision within the social work profession.  I have been an intern supervisor, a certified LCSW supervisor, and an adjunct faculty member of the VCU School of Social Work.


Karen Gill

Clinical Experiences:

  • Employment experience:  hospice and funeral home care, nursing home care, and university counseling center

  • Master of social work degree, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1995

  • Licensed Clinical Social Work, Commonwealth of Virginia, 2000

  • Certification in Thanatology:  The Study of Death, Dying and Bereavement, 2010
  • Services in the Community:  Founding member of Bereavement Coalition of Central Virginia, Crater Caregiver Coalition, and Virginia Caregiver Coalition

  • Awards:  Field Instructor Award, VCU School of Social Work, 2006, Distinguished Community Partner in Healing Aware, Presented by the Department of Pastoral Care of VCU Health Systems, 2009

  • Publications:  Columns published in the Progress Index and Colonial Voice, 2004-2006, a chapter in Conversations in Palliative Care, 3rd Ed., 2011

  • Certified LCSW supervisor since 2010

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